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Governor's Office of Student Achievement Visits ELC's Summer LINC Program

Superintendent Dr. Noris Price and GOSA representatives touring summer LINC program.

Literacy In Schools & Communities (LINC) is special program we've been running this summer funded by the Governors Office of Student Achievement. LINC is a program designed to help 3-5 year olds here at the Early Learning Center to increase their literacy skills before they begin their next school year.

GOSA Representatives meeting with school officials and ELC parents.

This month, Superintendent Dr. Noris Price and ELC Director Lori Smith led representatives of the Governor's Office of Student Achievement and other school officials on a tour to see first hand the program's impact here on our students. They also met with ELC parents with children in the program to discuss the how effective the program has been for their families.

This program also included components like parent education days where parents can learn more about best practices and the importance about early learning literacy for children ages 3-5.

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