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The Stars Come Alive at MIdway Hills Primary with StarLab

Students crawling into the StarLab entry way.

Thanks to the Georgia Youth Science and Technology Center (GYSTC), our little Bears were treated to a tour of the stars in the StarLab Planetarium. Starlab, a mobile planetarium, affords us the opportunity to organize in-house field trips that provide interactive learning experiences for our students. The StarLab replicates the night sky and allows our students to learn about the stars and constellations along with their movements across the sky during different seasons. This lesson was led by Erin Youman and Dean Laskey of GYSTC.

GYSTC organizers with students outside the StarLab

The Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers is dedicated to promoting student interest and achievement in science and mathematics. As their mission states, Georgia Youth Science and Technology Centers, Inc. strives to provide quality programs for teachers of STEM subjects that improve the teaching and learning process at the kindergarten through eighth grade levels.

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