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MHP's Featured Teacher of the Week: Terri Carty

Meet Mrs. Terri Carty, the Instructional Coach for Midway Hills Primary! After graduating with her undergraduate from Marshall University, Mrs. Carty stayed local, getting both her masters and her specialists degrees from Georgia College & State University. Mrs. Carty has a lot of experience in the Baldwin County classrooms, beginning as a classroom teacher in 2005. She has taught both 4th and 2nd grade at Midway, Creekside, and Blandy Hills and is now currently the Instructional Coach for at Midway Hills Primary School, collaborating with teachers and working with students to ensure a stimulating, rigorous, and engaging learning environment. Mrs. Carty says her favorite part of teaching in Baldwin County has been the people she teaches with. She says it has been fun meeting new people and having new experiences by the switching of the schools.

Mrs. Carty’s favorite thing to do outside of school is hang out with her husband, Tom, sons Tommy & Timmy, & daughter Claire. If she were given one wish, it would be to win the lottery so she could go on a trip around the world! A fun fact about Mrs. Carty is that she loves adventure – she’d love to go zip-line in a jungle!

Of all the Instructional Coaches in the world, we’re glad you’re ours, Mrs. Carty!

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