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BCSD to Resume Normal Schedule on Thursday, September 14th

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The Baldwin County School District (BCSD) will resume normal operations on Thursday, September 14th for all school locations.

Power outages and blocked roads may still exist for some of our students and families, however, district officials have assessed our routes and roads and determined any remaining challenges are on a limited basis. For those families still affected by road blocks from storm damage, a temporary designated stop has been identified. A list of affected stops and their temporary replacements are listed below.

Temporary pick-up points for the remainder of the week

Bus 992: Youngblood @ Frasier, Lee St @ Stuart Cir

Bus 10-2: Youngblood @ Vinson Hwy (Hwy 112), Towns St @ Jenkins, Johnson Ave @ Jenkins, Lee St @ Stuart Cir (MS/HS)

Bus 005: Youngblood @ Vinson Hwy, Youngblood @ Frasier, Towns @ Jenkins, Jenkins @ Johnson

Bus 07-07: Lakeside @ N Columbia

Bus 06-1 and 07-09: Pinevalley @ Elmwood

Bus 10-3: Moran Springs Rd need to come to Lake Laurel Rd @ Moran Springs

Bus 09-5: NeSmith Rd needs to come to the corner of Gordon Hwy (dirt road. Conditions are unsafe for buses)

While our assessment has shown us that it is safe to resume normal operations, BCSD will understand if parents or guardians in affected areas feel it unsafe to bring their child to school and are excusing those absences.

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