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BHS Homecoming & Tailgate Information

Color guard performing during halftime

Due to Hurricane Irma, the deadline to turn in the registration packet has been extended to Thurs. Sept. 21st instead of Friday Sept. 15th.

Baldwin High School, in cooperation with the Baldwin County Board of Education, is pleased to announce a specially arranged Tailgating Experience for Homecoming 2017. This tailgating experience was designed with all stakeholders in mind.

The school system has really extended the hand of opportunity for community members, Alumni, fans, and others to be of greater support to the BHS Athletic Department. Individuals and/or groups will be required to complete a “homecoming” registration packet (available at BHS) and pay a $50 registration fee in order to tailgate. The fees collected will help to offset the costs associated with building and maintaining a championship caliber athletic program. Relying solely upon gate receipts to fund athletics at Baldwin would be an ineffective and inadequate response to the constant financial changes and obligations that must be met by the department.

Currently, BHS offers its student body the opportunity to compete in the following sports/activities: Baseball, Cheerleading, Cross Country, Football, Literary/One Act, Basketball, Golf, Track, Soccer, Volleyball (girls), Wrestling, Softball, and Riflery. The beautiful thing about the tailgating fees is that they are applied to all of the aforementioned sports programs and will aid in providing the best opportunities for all coaches and athletes to compete at the most optimal level.

All interested persons/groups are encouraged to complete the registration package and pay the registration fee as soon as possible. While tailgating will remain in the same area that it has for the past few years, tailgating areas will be on a first come, first serve basis.

Contact Information:

Dr. Henry Hankerson

Baldwin High School

478.453.6429 x 322

706.414.9124 (c)

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