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LVA Beginning Band Students Are Starting Out Right

LVA Third Grade Band Students play their recorders

The Baldwin County School System is extremely proud of its award-winning band program. This school year, the band program has extended to include the system's two academies. The beginning band program reaches 3rd-5th grade students at Lakeview Academy and Midway Hills Academy. The students are introduced to reading music, evaluating music, and playing instruments. Third graders are focusing on learning to play recorders and reading music. Fourth graders start on recorders and will move to instruments in February. Fifth graders will be playing band instruments.

One of the biggest goals of the beginning band program is to have students be able to read music while playing an instrument. Coordination and multitasking is key! Another goal, for 5th grade, is to be able to graduate from elementary school with a good foundation for 6th grade band.

Plans for concert dates are still in progress but we hope to debut the 3rd grade band in March and the 4th and 5th grade band in late April or early May. On May 12th, at Baldwin High School, there will be a Fine Arts Day where all grade levels will be performing.

Beginning Band Director, Kaitlin Merck, says that the students are excited about the new band program and are eager to be playing their assigned band instrument. Everyday they come into her classroom eager to learn more and to make great music. They have worked very hard the past few months working on getting a solid foundation of reading music in place. LVA beginning band students are eager to show off their new skills in the near future.

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