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May's Pursuit of Excellence Winners

May's pursuit of excellence winners receiving their board recognition.

Pursuit of Excellence Awards Winners for May 2018

Congratulations to the following employees who are the May 2018 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Trianna Lawrence Paraprofessional at Lakeview Primary School Nominated by Simone Brown, co-worker

Ms. Trianna Lawrence is noted by her co-worker as being a dedicated team player. Her willingness to help and assist where ever needed make her an asset to the grade level that she supports. In addition to supporting her co-workers and students, Ms. Lawrence develops creative projects for students to demonstrate their artistic skills. She is quoted as being “a wonderful co-worker and friend”. Ms. Lawrence, thank you for modeling excellence.

Wanda Percival School Nutrition Assistant Manager at Lakeview Primary School Nominated by Susan Nelson, supervisor

Ms. Wanda Percival has worked in the school nutrition program since 2013. During her time with the district, she has completed the Manager In Training (MIT) program and is now working in the role of Assistant Manager. She has taken her training and experience and uses them to assist the cafeteria manager at Lakeview Primary School. She is a tireless worker and is often seen helping on the serving line, working the cash register and preparing food when needed. She is not above getting her “hands dirty”. Ms. Percival, thank you for being an example of excellence!

Marcus Robinson

Warehouse Manager for the District Nominated by Heather Cox, teacher at Oak Hill Middle School

Mr. Marcus Robinson is noted for his willingness to help even when he has a heavy workload of his own. Ms. Cox gives an example of how Marcus took the time to move a large container of heavy equipment to her car. He moved these items during one of his regular deliveries to Oak Hill Middle School. He is also noted for taking the extra steps and the time to ensure that students who need special supplies, such as baby wipes and special classroom materials have quality products ordered and delivered in a timely manner. Mr. Robinson, thank you for demonstrating excellence!

Greg Waller School Nutrition Assistant at Lakeview Primary School Nominated by Diane May, cafeteria manager at Lakeview Primary School

Mr. Greg Waller has been working as a school nutrition assistant at Lakeview Primary School since 2015. He assists in many areas of the operations in the kitchen from preparing food to clean up in the dish room. Greg offers assistance to other co-workers and does so gladly. When he is not sure which area needs his help the most, he has been heard saying, “I’m not sure what to do, but if you show me, I will try”. This willingness to learn and assist others makes Greg a true asset to the kitchen staff at Lakeview Primary. In addition to his daily tasks in the kitchen, Greg also serves as a bus driver for the district and ensures that students are picked up and returned home from school safely. He not only feeds our students, but he makes sure that they are able to get to and from school each day. Mr. Waller, thanks for being a true example of excellence!

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