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Midway Hills Academy Hosts Annual Health Fair

From the classroom, to the cafeteria, to the playground, schools are hosting healthy events and engaging volunteers to build healthy school environments. Third grade teachers at Midway Hills Academy work to help students become a part of a national movement. The goal---working to make schools healthier places, so kids can learn to eat right, be physically active and be equipped for success. Why is that so important? Because research shows, healthy kids are better learners.

Hosting a health and wellness fair at school is a great way to share information with students, staff, families and the community about healthy eating, physical activity, health services, and other local health and wellness resources. Plus, it’s an opportunity to build relationships with local businesses and community organizations, who may be able to provide ongoing support to our school health initiatives. Midway Hills Academy Hosts its Annual Health Fair February 6, 2019.

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