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BCSD Summer Adventure Registration May 9th

Student in our Summer Adventure program sitting in the pilot's seat of a medical helicopter.

The Baldwin County School District (BCSD) announced today that registration for the Summer Adventure program will be held on May 9th at Lakeview Academy from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

BCSD’s Summer Adventure program is an innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) summer curriculum that is designed to keep students engaged and having a blast even while school is out for summer. The overarching goal of the Summer Adventure program is to provide positive extended activities through the summer with continued intellectual and social development for students.

“The Summer Adventure curriculum is designed to provide our summer students with activities that keep their attention and keep them engaged,” said Carol Goings, K-5 Instructional Specialist for the Baldwin County School District. “Throughout the entire program, they’ll be receiving a very high-quality education based in the STEAM fields, but we are doing so in a way that allows us them to have a lot of fun and instills that desire in them to constantly keep coming back. It’s going to be the absolute best way for our students to spend their summer learning.”

The summer of 2018 marked the first year of the Summer Adventure program, and without a doubt, it was a resounding success. Hundreds of students took part in the program that brought learning to life in fun, dynamic and engaging ways, allowing for students to realize the joy of learning. Many of the adventures opened the door to many kinds of career fields and reinforced the critical role that education plays in building a successful life.

The Summer Adventure program intends to encourage students to try new experiences and be able to demonstrate a new skill or knowledge gained upon completion. Summer Adventure aims to have students share new knowledge with teachers, peers, and family and use summer experiences as an opportunity to strengthen those core relationships.

The program provides our students numerous STEAM opportunities to enjoy their summer learning through curriculum like “Art Treasury” where students will learn about famous artists and create their artwork using that artist’s techniques, each week. Other examples include our “Steamin’ Your Way Into a Healthy Life,” where students will spend their day being active and jamming out to their favorite music, making and eating healthy snacks.

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