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November's Pursuit of Excellence Winners

Pursuit of Excellence Awards Winners for November 2019

Congratulations to the following employees who are the November 2019 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Mrs. Amie Dietz Teacher at Midway Hills Primary School

Mrs. Dietz joined the Baldwin County School District faculty in 2018 bringing over eleven of years of experience as an educator to the district. She was nominated by two of her colleagues in two separate nominations. This is what her colleagues have to say about Ms. Dietz, “Mrs. Dietz is one of the hardest working individuals that I know. She is like the calm in the storm. No matter what kind of chaos might be going on, she is there with her quiet mannerisms trying to regroup and calm down any student that is upset or dealing with a crisis. I have never heard her raise her voice or fuss. She is also always willing to help out when she can or provide insight or suggestions to any situation that I come to her with. She is truly an asset to our team and school and I am grateful to be able to teach next to her. Mrs. Dietz goes above and beyond to ensure that her students get the treatment and education that they deserve. She is very knowledgeable of the field of special education and it shows daily.” Ms. Dietz, thank you for modeling excellence!

Mr. Thomas Jones Teacher at Midway Hills Academy

Mr. Thomas Jones, also known as Coach Jones, has been with the Baldwin County School District for fourteen years serving as a Physical Education teacher. Over the years, he has worked alongside Ms. Charlotte Sills and this is what Ms. Sills has to say about Coach Jones, “Physical Education (PE) is as important as academic education in a student’s educational career. If a student is not physically fit, then his or her learning capacity is not in full force. Coach Jones takes care of the physical education of all of our students at Midway Hills Academy. In PE, the students learn many ways to stay physically fit from eating a healthy diet to the correct exercises. Exercising is more than just calisthenics, it is also playing games that require physical activity. Coach Jones incorporates lots of games and fun into his classes to make the children strive to be physically fit. This is why PE is most students’ favorite class! Coach Jones has the patience that is required to work with hundreds of students each year. His character, morals and beliefs make him an outstanding role model for all of our students, especially some of our students who do not always make wise choices. Coach Jones is a true asset to Midway Hills Academy and is most deserving of this honor.” Coach Jones, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Mr. Allen Veal Bus Operator for the Transportation Department

Mr. Veal has been working in the school district transporting students for seventeen years. Recently, while transporting cheerleaders from a sporting event, the bus that Mr. Veal was driving was side swiped by another vehicle. Ms. Love was on the bus and commended Mr. Veal on how he handled the incident. This is what Ms. Love had to say, “Mr. Veal, is an extraordinary bus driver. In the accident, the bus was side swiped causing the bus to lean to one side. Because of Mr. Veal's driving experience and not panicking, the bus leaned but did not overturn. I nominate Mr. Veal for his excellent driving skills and knowing what to do in an emergency situation. I consider Mr. Veal to be a hero. Mr. Veal went above and beyond to keep the coaches and cheerleaders of OHMS safe.” Mr. Veal, you are a true example of excellence!

Pursuit of Excellence Award Program

The Baldwin County School District Pursuit of Excellence Award, an employee recognition program, is presented monthly to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. A maximum of four employees are chosen monthly and recognized during the regular Baldwin County Board of Education Meeting.

Application Process

Any Baldwin County School District employee is eligible for nomination, so long as they have not previously received the award. Team or groups are not eligible for recognition. Nominations may be made by any BCSD employee, student, parent, or community member. Nominations are due by the third Tuesday of each month (employees will be recognized the following month). Nomination forms will be available online or at the BCSD office.

Nominations will be reviewed monthly by the Selection Committee. The committee will consist of the Superintendent, the Human Resources Director, Assistant Superintendent, Maintenance Director, Transportation Director, Nutrition Director and the prior month's award winners. The award winners will rotate off each month as the new winners are awarded.

If a nominee is not chosen for recognition one month, his/her nomination may be forwarded to the next month at the discretion of the selection committee. All recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award will be recognized on the district's website and at the monthly Board of Education Meeting.

We have many dedicated employees in our district. Please consider nominating a colleague for this award.

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