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Baldwin County School District and Faith-Based Leaders Partner to Support Students

The Baldwin County School District (BCSD) in Georgia has teamed up with local faith-based leaders to improve the lives of their students. The program began six years ago, and after a hiatus due to the pandemic, the board of education held its first meeting in October 2022. The goal of the partnership is to provide support and encouragement to students, helping them gain self-confidence and understand the importance of education. Faith-based leaders are often the first point of contact within the community during traumatic events, and their involvement in schools can foster a sense of community and trust.

At the January 2023 meeting, attendees discussed ways to bring the community into the schools, such as volunteering to read to students, attending sports events, and providing mentorship. The meetings are held after school to accommodate those who cannot attend during the day. The latest meeting in March 2023 had a great turnout, with Dr. Price providing detailed information on BCSD's student population and graduation rates. The faith-based leaders group aims to uplift students by teaching them positive messaging, respect, responsibility, and compassion. The BCSD graduation rate is now 88%, with 65% of the population expected to attend college.

Overall, the BCSD and faith-based leaders partnership emphasizes the importance of supporting students both in school and within the community. Through this collaboration, students can gain self-confidence, positive messaging, and valuable mentorship. By involving community members, the BCSD can foster a sense of trust and accountability, showing students that the community cares about their success. This partnership highlights the crucial role that faith-based leaders can play in improving the lives of students and their communities.

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