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Baldwin High School Junior Timillion Trawick Earns Runner Up in National Esports Competition

Baldwin High School Junior Timillion Trawick recently made waves in the esports community by winning runner-up in the PlayVS National Eastern Region Championship NBA2k23 tournament. Trawick's success in the popular video game has demonstrated that esports can be just as competitive and rewarding as traditional sports.

Trawick's journey in esports started years ago when he began playing NBA2k competitively. When he heard that Baldwin High School had an esports league, he suggested they add NBA2k to the lineup because of the prestige that comes with winning a national championship, "First off, you get sponsored by the NBA team," Trawick explained, "The 2k League is under the NBA, so you get sponsored by them, and for tournaments you earn money and so on."

Being part of the NBA2k League also means that players can be drafted by professional teams just like in traditional sports. "So you can get drafted by a team like in Atlanta and then you'd move to Atlanta, then you could get traded to someone, for instance, in California. And you'd have to fly to California," Trawick said. "I'd just like the experience."

For Trawick, competing in the NBA2k23 tournament was a chance to showcase his skills on a national stage and connect with other players who share his passion for esports. Trawick's success in esports has also taught him valuable skills that will serve him well in the future. Trawick's story is an inspiration for high school students who may not be interested in traditional sports but are looking for a way to compete and excel. With dedication and hard work, esports can offer just as many opportunities for success as any other field.

Congratulations to Timillion Trawick on his impressive achievement in the NBA2k23 tournament!

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