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Baldwin High School's Second Annual 'Commitment to Graduate' Ceremony Welcomes Class of 2027

On September 13th, Baldwin High School held its eagerly anticipated second annual 'Commitment to Graduate' ceremony, a testament to the school's dedication to nurturing and empowering its students. Hosted by the new Freshman Academy Assistant Principal, Dr. Oliver Griffeth, and graced by the presence of Milledgeville's first African American mayor and Distinguished Alumnus, the Honorable Floyd Griffin, the event was nothing short of inspirational.

Colonel Griffin's keynote address resonated deeply with the young audience, as he shared his remarkable journey from a student at Baldwin High School to becoming Milledgeville's historic first African American mayor. His message was crystal clear: their journey begins today, and their commitment to graduate will be the compass guiding them toward success. The signing of a symbolic banner, which will accompany them throughout their high school years, moving from one hall to the next with each subsequent year, symbolizes this pledge and serves as a constant reminder of their determination and commitment to graduate.

Adding to the significance of the event, students received certificates recognizing their commitment to their educational journey. Furthermore, they were given the unique opportunity to sign a special graduation robe. Principal Jason Flanders promised to don this robe on their graduation day in 2027, reinforcing the school's unwavering support for their academic achievements. As they set forth on their high school journey, the newest class of Baldwin High School carries with them the inspiration and commitment to succeed, fostered by a community dedicated to excellence. Congratulations to the class of 2027 – your path is illuminated with promise!

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