Baldwin High School to Host 5th Annual Anderson Bentley Jr. Invitational

The Baldwin High School Track and Field Teams will host eight schools for the 5th Annual Anderson Bentley Jr. Invitational on Friday, March 19, starting at 4:30 p.m. at Braves Stadium. The meet will honor Coach Anderson Bentley Jr. who started the track program at the high school forty-seven years ago. Coach Bentley came to the Baldwin County School District in 1972. Around 1975, he worked to create a track and field program at the high school, which was called Boddie Junior High School at that time. Coach Bentley felt there was a need for a track program in the high school to give students the opportunity to see that there were other sports other than football, basketball, or baseball and that they could secure college scholarships and achieve success.

Coach Anderson Bentley Jr. believes that the student comes before the athlete and he continues to teach this philosophy to this day. He has coached a number of state track and field champions throughout his years at Baldwin. He continues to serve as an assistant track coach, mentoring both athletes and coaches. "If I had to do my life over again I would do it the same way. Baldwin is my home and my love. I think it is a great honor to have an event named after me," said Coach Bentley.

Tickets for the 5th Annual Anderson Bentley Jr. Invitational can be purchased on the Baldwin High School's Gofan page at the following link: BHS Gofan. Tickets are $5. The wearing of masks is mandatory and social distancing must be followed.