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BCSD February's Pursuit of Excellence Winners


Congratulations to the following employees who are the February 2021 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

The Baldwin County School District Pursuit of Excellence Award, an employee recognition program, is presented monthly to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. A maximum of four employees are chosen monthly and recognized during the regular Baldwin County Board of Education Meeting. Any Baldwin County School District employee is eligible for nomination, so long as they have not previously received the award. Team or groups are not eligible for recognition. Nominations may be made by any BCSD employee, student, parent, or community member. Nominations are due by the third Tuesday of each month (employees will be recognized the following month). Nomination forms are available online or at the BCSD office.

Ms. Mariama Battle

Behavior Specialist at Midway Hills Academy

Ms. Battle is working in her first year with the Baldwin County School District. In just a short period of time, she has made an impression on her co-workers, two of whom nominated her for the Pursuit of Excellence award.

The first nomination comes from Ms. ShaDra Cleveland at Midway Hills Academy. Ms. Cleveland had the following to say about Ms. Battle:

“She is a very vibrant and caring young lady. I have happily witnessed her actively working with her groups in the Media Center. Her objectives and goals for each individual student are clear and workable. She has formed a creditable relationship with students and staff. Beginning of the year and newly returned remote students respect her opinion and direction. She is trustworthy. Ms. Battle’s characteristics are so warming and approachable, that they are rubbing off on the students. We are happy and love Ms. Battle here at Midway Hills Academy."

The second nomination was made by Mrs. Anna Dunn who had the following to say about Ms. Battle:

“Mariama is working hard at helping improve our school’s behavior and climate. Her loving and calm demeanor are amazing and at times unbelievable. Ms. Battle also has a great personality which is much appreciated. She always knows what to say to the students and to her co-workers. I am very thankful that she is across the hall from me!!! Ms. Battle works hard daily observing and assessing students’ behavior. She communicates well with students, teachers and families. She is great at what she does. She is exactly what Midway Hills Academy needs!”

Ms. Battle, thank you for being a model of excellence!


Ms. Kendall Griner Teacher at Lakeview Primary School

Ms. Kendall Griner is working in her first year with the Baldwin County School District. She received two nominations from her co-workers who she has made a notable impression on. She was nominated by Ms. Mikayla Harrison and Mrs. Karen Oakes.

Ms. Harrison had the following to say about Ms. Griner:

“Ms. Griner is a new teacher this year and she is nothing shy of amazing! She works hard every single day and is dedicated to helping her students learn. She engages her students by using fun, exciting, hands-on materials! She loves her students with her whole heart and it shows in everything she does. We are lucky to have an amazing teacher like Ms. Griner on our 2nd grade team at Lakeview Primary.”

Ms. Griner’s second nomination was made by Mrs. Karen Oakes and Mrs. Oakes had the following to say about Ms. Griner:

“Kendall is a first year teacher at our school. She has hit the ground running in this uncertain era. She genuinely cares about her students and works very hard to make sure she is giving them 100% of what they need. Kendall is a team player and always has valuable input in our lessons and shares resources with her team. She is the type of educator all teachers should strive to be and that I would want to educate my child!”

Ms. Griner, thank you for your example of excellence!


Mrs. Kimberly Pearson

Teacher and Gifted Facilitator at Midway Hills Primary School

Mrs. Kimberly Pearson is working in her 36th year as an educator. She began her career with the Baldwin County School District in 1994. During her tenure with the district, she has served as a classroom teacher in various grade levels from K-5 teaching all subjects in regular education as well as gifted. She was nominated by her co-worker, Mrs. Ginny Gray. Mrs. Gray had the following to say about Mrs. Pearson:

“It is an honor and privilege to nominate Kim Pearson for the Pursuit of Excellence Award for Baldwin County. Kim is an excellent example of a teacher leader as she has taken on the role of lead gifted facilitator for Baldwin County. She coordinates our weekly gifted meetings, answers questions asked by teachers and parents, as well as being the liaison between the schools and the state department. Kim's drive and determination for making sure everything is done correctly is just one example as to why I nominated Kim for this award. I couldn't ask for a better mentor and friend.”

Mrs. Pearson, thank you for modeling excellence!


Mrs. Jennifer Veazey

Teacher at Baldwin High School and Facilitator for Baldwin Online Academy

Mrs. Jennifer Veazey began her full-time career with the Baldwin County School District in 2016. She started this journey with the district as a substitute teacher in 2015 while completing her studies at Georgia College and State University. She soon became a full time employee and began working in a position that opened up in her field of study. She was nominated by her co-worker Mr. Brian Olson and Mr. Olson had the following to say about his colleague, Mrs. Veazey: “Ms. Veazey has gone above and beyond to instruct her online-class colleagues on how to create and maintain a website for the benefit of our students. The work has been invaluable to me and I am grateful for her help."

Ms. Veazey, you are a shining example of excellence!

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