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BCSD January's Pursuit of Excellence Winners


Congratulations to the following employees who are the January 2021 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

The Baldwin County School District Pursuit of Excellence Award, an employee recognition program, is presented monthly to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. A maximum of four employees are chosen monthly and recognized during the regular Baldwin County Board of Education Meeting. Any Baldwin County School District employee is eligible for nomination, so long as they have not previously received the award. Team or groups are not eligible for recognition. Nominations may be made by any BCSD employee, student, parent, or community member. Nominations are due by the third Tuesday of each month (employees will be recognized the following month). Nomination forms are available online or at the BCSD office.

Mrs. Beth Craddock

Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Mrs. Craddock was nominated by her co-worker, Linda Kadian. She is in her 5th year as a teacher at Lakeview Academy. She is described by Ms. Kadian as being a wonderful teacher who is kind, sympathetic, professional, and she is always on it! Mrs. Craddock is commended for her kindness towards others and for treating everyone that she meets with respect. She takes the time to get to really know her students and will go the extra mile to help them. Mrs. Craddock, thank you for being a model of excellence!


Dr. Kachari Davis

Assistant Principal at Oak Hill Middle School

Dr. Kachari Davis was nominated by Lakondrea Campbell, Oak Hill Middle School counselor, and Janice Ziegler, OHMS Media Specialist. Dr. Davis has been employed with the Baldwin County School District since 2006. During her tenure with the district, she has served as a classroom teacher, an Instructional Coach and she is currently serving as an Assistant Principal. Ms. Campbell states that Dr. Davis is a very supportive supervisor. She loves the fact that she is extremely knowledgeable in her role, and if she doesn't know something she will research it to find out. Dr. Davis always encourages others and has many wonderful ideas/ interventions that we have implemented within the 6th grade team. Ms. Janice Zeigler had the following to say about Dr. Davis: "Dr. Davis is an amazing person to work with day in and day out. She is a constant source of positivity and motivation. She is an avid reader of anything dealing with education and can quote theories verbatim in everyday conversation. She has earned the nickname "Data Diva" because of her dedication to meeting students where they are and helping them achieve more. Her zest for education is infectious. She reads aloud to her 6th graders weekly, and it's hard to determine who enjoys it more, she or the kids. Dr. Davis corrects students with a warm but firm demeanor. They know that she cares for them, but that she also means business when she speaks to them. She is supportive of her staff both inside and outside of the classroom. From my viewpoint, I see and hear that they value and care for her a great deal. She supports anything happening in the media center. All I have to do is tell her when and what and she makes sure that I have an eager audience of 6th graders. Dr. Davis makes those around her feel validated and important. These things and many more are why she deserves this recognition."

Dr. Davis, thank you for your example of excellence!


Ms. Samantha Payne

First Grade Teacher at Lakeview Primary School

Although Ms. Payne is relatively new to teaching, working in her second year, she has wasted no time in establishing herself as an outstanding educator. She is described as a person who goes above and beyond on a daily basis to assist children and teachers. Her support of her colleague, Ms. Westberry, who is in her first year of teaching has gone a long way. She commended Ms. Payne for helping her navigate through her first year in Baldwin.

"I am grateful for going above and beyond to help me with everything She has gone above and beyond to help me adjust and learn to all the new-to-me technology. She works tirelessly after hours with STEM and on weekends to prepare for her lessons the following week." Ms. Payne, you are a shining example of excellence!


Mr. Micaiah Watson

School Counselor at Midway Hills Primary School

Mr. Micaiah Watson was nominated by Teri Carty, Midway Hills Primary Assistant Principal, and Katrina Veal, teacher at MHP. Mr. Watson is in his first year as a school counselor and his co-workers at Midway Hills Primary School feel lucky to have him. Ms. Carty had the following to say about Mr. Watson: "He comes in early each morning excited and ready to greet our precious scholars. Mr. Watson has quickly established a rapport with our students and staff members. He keeps up on the attendance daily, meets with students and has worked on developing SMART goals with our students in such a kid-friendly team. We are so lucky to have Mr. Watson as part of our Midway Hills Primary family!"

Mr. Watson’s second nomination was made by Mrs. Katrina Veal. Mrs. Veal had the following accolades for Mr. Watson: "Mr. Watson is our new school counselor. You could not tell that this is his first year. He fits right in with the staff. He already has an awesome rapport with the students and the staff. You can find him on any given day, helping teachers and walking students to class. The students adore him and are always asking to go visit. His personality is just what MHP needs. Mr. Watson is the epitome of what a school counselor should be."

Mr. Watson, thank you for modeling excellence!

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