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BCSD partners with Allied Arts for the Student Art Exhibition

Allied Arts has partnered with the Baldwin County School District for the Fifth Annual Art Exhibition. This exhibit is always fun to have in the Marlor House with all of the colors and wide-ranging themes in the work of the students. The exhibit features student artwork from each grade level and each school, from kindergarten to Grade 12, and will be on display in the Marlor House by appointment from November 2nd through November 29th and a virtual version of the exhibit can be viewed on the Allied Arts' website:

Mr. Tim Oliphant, aka "Mr. Ollie", worked with Oak Hill Middle School students from November 8th through 17th. Mr. Ollie is a professional cartoonist and illustrator from Tennessee and will be working at Oak Hill Middle School with six, seventh- and eighth-grades teaching drawing and color techniques while applying them to the life sciences and solar system studies curriculums. Six graders will also learn about animation and create a cartoon flipbook of our solar system moving through space. This is the third year in a row Mr. Ollie has been able to work with middle school students applying art techniques to subjects students are already learning about adding a new way of learning science for them while learning about art at the same time.