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BCSD September's Pursuit of Excellence Winners!

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Congratulations to the following employees who are the September 2021 recipients

of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Ms. Shariah Cobb is a brand new hire to the school district. She started the 2021-2022 school year in July and wasted no time making a favorable impression on her co-workers and a positive impact on students. Ms. Cobb received 3 separate nominations from her colleagues. The first nomination was submitted by Ms. Christasia Shropshire who described Ms. Cobb as a person who has a great personality and is always available for students, faculty and staff members. The second nomination submitted for Ms. Cobb was submitted by Ms. Lydia Adams, another co-worker who complimented Ms. Cobb on her positive attitude, her willingness to help wherever she is needed and for always having a smile on her face. The third nomination for Ms. Cobb was submitted by Ms. Katrina Shy, who had the following to say about Ms. Cobb, “Ms. Cobb is ALWAYS working. She starts her day at the car riders’ line with a HUGE smile and she is always dancing to the music while greeting our sweet students. Upon completing her morning duty, Ms. Cobb goes to every 3rd grade classroom asking if any teacher needs any assistance or if there are any students that have been absent or missed work from the previous day, and if so, she is willing to help catch them up. She is never seen with a frown. She is always willing to help. She also teaches our 3rd grade writing fix class. She stepped out and asked the 3rd grade teachers what are some things that we are working on in our weekly lessons that she can also incorporate into her writing fix classes. She goes above and beyond her daily expectations. She is always dressed professionally and treats everyone fairly.” Ms. Cobb, welcome to the Baldwin County School District and thank you for being a model of excellence!

Ms. YiSheika Lawrence

Teacher at Georgia College Early College

Nominated by Michael Womack, Co-worker

Ms. YiSheika Lawrence is working in her second year with the Baldwin County School District, but she is not new to education. A veteran teacher with seven years of experience, Ms. Lawrence

brings her expertise to the classroom and her efforts have been recognized by her colleague, Mr. Michael Womack. Mr. Womack shared comments made by students about Ms. Lawrence. The students describe Ms. Lawrence as a mother and a teacher. “I can talk to her about anything; “Mrs. Lawrence is always there” are some of the compliments shared about Ms. Lawrence by her students. In addition to supporting students, Ms. Lawrence is commended for her position as an academically demanding teacher who regularly stretches her students to reach their potential and at the same time have fun. In the words of Mr. Womack, “Ms. Lawrence is a teacher-leader in meetings who often facilitates operational protocols for the High School group.”

Ms. Lawrence, thank you for your example of excellence!

Ms. Angela Madden

Teacher at Midway Hills Primary School

Nominated by Judith Blount and Ms. Jennifer Black, Co-workers

Ms. Angela Madden has over 20 years of experience working in the education profession. She is beginning her sixteenth year with the BCSD and her experience has served the district's students, faculty, and staff members very well. Ms. Madden received two separate nominations from her co-workers at Midway Hills Primary School. The first nomination was submitted by Ms. Judith Blount who had the following to say about Ms. Madden, “Mrs. Madden should be the Pursuit of Excellence winner because she is real life, Ms. Frizzle. She is amazing with her students and works hard to build relationships with them. She is always ready for an adventure with her kids. Let's be honest, if she had a magic school bus, we would probably never see her in the building because she would be constantly taking her students on real-life adventures. Mrs. Madden is a wonderful teacher, co-worker, and friend. Her hard work absolutely deserves recognition as the Pursuit of Excellence winner. The second nomination for Ms. Madden was submitted by Ms. Jennifer Black who had this to say about her colleague, Ms. Madden, “deserves the POE because she always goes above and beyond for our grade level. She is an excellent team leader and always makes sure that everyone knows the expectations. At the beginning of the year, she helped organize and set up another teacher's classroom who was out for several days on top of setting up her own classroom. She also goes above and beyond to help new teachers on the grade level to make sure that they have everything they need.

Ms. Madden, thank you for modeling excellence!

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