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Board Unanimously Votes to Name a Hallway at BHS in Memory of Lessie Lee "LC" Gordon

At August's Board Meeting, the Baldwin County Board of Education unanimously approved naming the hallway leading to the cafeteria in honor of Mr. Lessie Lee "LC" Gordon, who served as a custodial worker for Baldwin High School for 40 years.

"Mr. LC's outstanding accomplishment, in his words, would be his family," Mr. Larry Stephens said, "but at the Baldwin County Board of Education, he served for many years at the high school... and he loved doing that. He prided himself in cleaning the low ground and the high ground, and was dedicated to professionalism and integrity."

Mr. Stephens told how his wife and his daughter who both graduated from Baldwin High School that he always greeted warmly by LC, and remembered long after they'd graduated. LC was present for the demolition of the old high school building around 1988 and for the current building. In his final years, he tended to the Baldwin County Board Office.

After Mr. Stephens spoke, over twenty members of Mr. Gordon's family poured into the Board Room wearing specially inscribed 'LC Gordon' shirts. Two of his children gave testimony to his impact not only on their lives but on the lives of those throughout the Baldwin community for nearly half a century.

The date for the ribbon-cutting ceremony will be forthcoming.

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