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BOE Employee of the Week - Traci White

Our BOE Employee of the Week is Mrs. Traci White, the school district's Special Education Director.

Mrs. White has been a part of the Baldwin County School District team for quite some time. In fact, this year will be her 31st year working in our school system. She feels the work she does in special education is her life calling.

"This is my mission and my calling. I have always had a passion for working with individuals with disabilities. One of my first jobs was lifeguarding and taking an amputee swimming weekly at Nokomis Beach. I think we should never underestimate the power of the human spirit!"

Mrs. White is originally from Venice, Florida. She graduated from the University of Georgia in 1987 and earned a Masters in Psychology and a Specialist in Education from Georgia College.

Mrs. White prefers the outside atmosphere of life. When she's not at work she finds time to partake in some of her favorite outdoor activities!

"I enjoy spending time outside as much as possible. I particularly like to spend time on Lake Sinclair taking in the view, fresh air and sunshine. I enjoy flowers and I'm trying my best to pursue a greener thumb! I love attending concerts and football games and pray that one day we will all be able to do that again!"

The most important lessons that she has learned in life that helped shape her work ethic has come from her family.

"My granddaddy, Jack, was a burn victim in 1967. He had to re-learn how to do everything from walking to eating. He instilled in all of us that you can lead a full and productive life no matter what life throws your way! I try to remind all our kids that no matter what, nothing can stop them from being an unstoppable force in this world, no matter what life throws at them."

Thank you Mrs. White for serving as our school district's Special Education Director and instilling in our students the drive and motivation to be simply amazing! You are greatly appreciated!

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