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Celebrating the Remarkable Success of Baldwin County School District Students at the Oconee RESA Technology Fair

We are thrilled to extend our heartfelt congratulations to the talented students of Baldwin County School District for their outstanding achievements at this year's Oconee RESA Technology Fair. These remarkable individuals not only showcased their prowess but also secured an impressive 35% of the total awards, solidifying our district's standing as a hub for technological excellence.

This annual event is a pivotal platform that brings together students from across the region, highlighting their skills in engineering, technology, computer science, and digital media. The competition is fierce, with participants from various schools vying for top honors in an array of categories.

The success story extends across Baldwin County School District, with representatives from Baldwin High School, Georgia College Early College, Oak Hill Middle School, Midway Hills Academy, and Lakeview Academy contributing to our district's impressive win. These dedicated students have not only demonstrated their current proficiency but have also paved the way for bright futures in the field of technology.

Their accomplishments serve as a beacon of inspiration for fellow students, encouraging them to pursue their passions and interests in technology. We take immense pride in the achievements of our students and are confident that they will continue to shine as future leaders in the ever-evolving landscape of technology. See the full list of winners and photos from the event below:

Midway Hills Acad Brycen Braddock 1st 3D Modeling

Midway Hills Acad Brooke Cole 1st Animation

Midway Hills Acad Kitara Deleon 1st Graphic Design

Midway Hills Acad Rylah Balkom 2nd Graphic Design

Midway Hills Acad Elijah Bolston 1st Internet Applications

Midway Hills Acad Ezra Roughen 2nd Multimedia Applications

Oak Hill Middle Jada Harris 2nd 3D Modeling

Lakeview Acad Rachel Terry 1st Animation

Oak Hill Middle Aiden Bowers

Aleczander Prescott 1st Digital Game Design

Oak Hill Middle Sophie Northcutt 1st Graphic Design

Midway Hills Acad Katie Huang 2nd Graphic Design

Oak Hill Middle Jamie Trippel 1st Multimedia Applications

Lakeview Acad Maxwell Greene 2nd Multimedia Applications

Lakeview Acad Cora Snyder 2nd Multimedia Applications

Midway Hills Acad Kamonta Wilson 1st Robotics

Midway Hills Acad Gabe Simmons 2nd Robotics

Oak Hill Middle Tyler Dille

Jamarcus Harrison 1st 3D Modeling

Early College Beatrice France 2nd Animation

Baldwin High FeMarie Clinkscales 1st Audio Production

Early College Nathan Tchamna (Chahm-nuh)

Axel Gutierrez Lúa 1st Project Programming

Baldwin High Jacob Bennett 1st Audio Production

Baldwin High Kaitlyn Teague 1st Digital Photo Production

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