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CREATE Inc. Returns to BCSD to Continue Its Biking Program, Only Now They're Kicking it Up A Notch!

CREATE Inc., a non-profit organization based in Baldwin County, has returned to the school district to continue their program of teaching biking to children. Last October, they made waves by introducing the program to Midway Hills Primary School, and this time they're working with older students at Oak Hill Middle School and going through more advanced techniques.

Daylon Martin and the coaching team at CREATE Inc. are passionate about teaching kids the importance of physical activity, and biking is an excellent way to get them moving. "At the primary school we were working on learning the fundamentals of bike balance," said Martin, "Here, we're actually taking the experienced riders out, teaching them skills on how to shift, how to maneuver, how to be safe on the road, and just getting them to a greater riding experience." At Oak Hill Middle School, they are taking it to the next level, teaching more advanced techniques to students during both P.E. classes and longer after school sessions.

The benefits of teaching children how to ride bikes are numerous. For one, it promotes physical activity, which is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Additionally, biking can be a fun and social activity, which can help kids develop friendships and social skills. CREATE Inc. is currently running for the YES Program after school for six weeks. "There's a good bit more participation through YES," Martin said, "focusing on a leadership component, getting students out to participate. These riders are actually really good. So they're going to challenge me to do better because they're ready and I'm excited about it!"

At Oak Hill Middle School, CREATE Inc. is taking a comprehensive approach to teaching biking. Funded entirely by Outride, they are providing students with the equipment they need to ride safely, such as helmets and bikes. They are also teaching them about bike maintenance, so they can take care of their bikes and keep them in good condition.

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