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February Pursuit of Excellence


The Pursuit of Excellence award is presented to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty.  Nominations can be made by BCSD employees, students, parents and community members.  The nomination form can be found on our website under the Human Resources Department tab.  

Congratulations to the following Joelle Teague, Saundra Simmons, Thomas Coxwell, and Jamie Lawrence who are the February 2024 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Joelle Teague

CTAE Administrative Assistant

Mrs. Teague is working in her 8th year for the Baldwin County School District.  Mrs. Teague currently works as the CTAE Administrative Assistant at Baldwin High School.  She was nominated by her colleague, Roberto Hornung.  Mr. Hornung had the following to say, “Mrs. Teague is just awesome. She is always willing to help. She delivers confidence that the department moves as a team. She will go above and beyond to meet the coworker's needs, have the right information, or know who to talk to.  Also, she steps right in, helping to keep the hall organized and students where they are supposed to be. Ms. Teague was a fundamental key to my choice to be at Baldwin High School. I felt part of a family from the beginning. I admire how she keeps the standards high and at the same time a nurturing atmosphere.  A hard worker by nature, never stops doing her job with excellence and helping others achieve their goals. ” 

Mrs. Teague, thank you for being the epitome of excellence! 

Saundra Simmons

Nutrition Assistant

Ms. Simmons is working in her 14th year for the Baldwin County School District.  Ms. Simmons currently works as a Nutrition Assistant at Lakeview Academy.  She was nominated by her colleague, Janice Bonner. Ms. Bonner had the following to say, “Ms. Saundra is dependable and can be counted on to ensure that our Lakeview Academy students receive a nutritious breakfast and lunch.  Each day she greets students and staff with a smile on her face. She is lovable and a joy to work alongside.

Ms. Simmons, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Thomas Coxwell

PEC Paraprofessional

Mr. Coxwell is working in his 5th year for the Baldwin County School District.  He currently works as a PEC Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Academy(MHA).  Mr. Coxwell was nominated by his colleague, Jessice Gresham-Spires.  Mrs. Gresham-Spires had the following to say, “Mr. Coxwell goes above and beyond the call to help others. His job isn't always easy, but he never gives in, pushes forward and advocates for the students.  Mr. Coxwell is always fixing things around MHA, helping to rebuild the fence, setting up gardens, and many other essential projects.  We know that we can call on him to help and he will always be someone we can trust and count on. Thank you Mr. Coxwell for being such a shining light at MHA. We are so proud to have you.

Mr. Coxwell, thank you for being a model of excellence!

Jamie Lawrence

Behavior Specialist

Mr. Lawrence is working in his 2nd year for the Baldwin County School District.  He currently works as the Behavior Specialist at Midway Hills Primary.   Mr. Lawrence was nominated by his colleague and wife, Yisheika Lawrence.  Mrs. Lawrence had the following to say, “Mr. Lawrence is a superhero to his students. He is always there to welcome them with a smile, and provides them with good laughs and encouraging words. Jamie and I are at separate schools but as two educators in one home, I witness how determined he is and his passion goes beyond the school building. I absolutely recommend him for the PURSUIT OF EXCELLENCE award.

Mr. Lawrence, thank you for being a model of excellence! 

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