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February's Pursuit of Excellence Winners

Pursuit of Excellence Awards Winners for February 2020 Congratulations to the following employees who are the February 2020 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Mr. Christopher Barton

Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Primary School

Nominated by Simone Brown, Coworker

Mr. Christoper Barton, also known as Coach Barton, is working in his first year as a paraprofessional with the Baldwin County School District. Prior to accepting the paraprofessional position, Mr. Barton was an intern with the School Nutrition Program for the district. Mr. Barton is a proud military veteran and has been a welcomed addition to the Midway Hills Primary School family. He was nominated by his coworker, Ms. Simone Brown. Ms. Brown had the following to say about Mr. Barton, “Coach Barton has been a great helper and motivator in my classroom. In the very short time that we have worked together, he has been a take charge kind of guy! I don’t have to tell him how he can help me. When he sees students who were struggling, he just jumps in and starts working with them. He even gives me suggestions that he thinks will be helpful. The relationship that he has built with my struggling students, especially the boys, has been great! I am so glad that they paired us together. It is for this reason that I feel that Coach Christopher Barton deserves the Pursuit of Excellence Award!” Mr. Barton, Thank you for modelling excellence!

Ms. Jaimee Beal

Teacher at Georgia College Early College

Nominated by Charles Claxton, Coworker

Ms. Jaimee Beal has been a part of the Baldwin County School District family since 2018. She is working in her 5th year as an educator and has made her impact on the students and her coworkers at Georgia College Early College. She was nominated by her coworker Mr. Charles Claxton and Mr. Claxton praises Ms. Beal with the following, “Mrs. Beal is such a consistently passionate and positive part of the life of her students and the staff at GCEC. Since her first day, she has gone way beyond the call of duty as a caring professional. On any given afternoon, she is very likely to be the last teacher in the building, planning for her next day's activities or, more importantly, spending time with small groups of her students, helping them in their English Lit lessons. It is obvious that she has earned the respect and admiration of these kids. The turn-out and performances at her well-planned "Spoken Word" event made that evident.” Ms. Beal , thank you for your example of excellence!

Ms. Pamela Mullin

Bus Operator for the Transportation Department

Nominated by Tammy Smith, Coworker

Ms. Mullin has been transporting students and families of Baldwin County since 2015. She is always welcoming to people visiting the transportation department and goes well beyond the call to duty. She encourages teamwork and togetherness in the department and is willing to help out when needed. Ms. Mullin’s coworker Ms. Tammy Smith, wrote the following in her nomination form, “ Pam is very nice and sweet...she always helps other drivers whether it is helping with routes or with using the computer or paperwork. She had made t-shirts for all of the drivers with her own money. She goes above and beyond her normal duties. I believe if anyone deserves the Pursuit of Excellence, it is Pam.” Ms. Mullin , thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Ms. Kori Rucker

Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Nominated by Margaret Owens, Coworker

Ms. Kori Rucker has been with the Baldwin County School District since 2004. She began her career with the district as a paraprofessional and after completing educational requirements, she transitioned to the position of classroom teacher in 2018. Ms. Rucker’s experience with the district and her passion to teach are described in the nomination submitted by Ms. Margaret Owen. “Ms. Rucker goes above and beyond to develop a relationship with all students and staff. This relationship helps to encourage students in our building daily to put forth their best effort. All you have to do is walk through the building and you will see a student say Ms. Rucker and run up to give her a hug. But it doesn't stop there. Ms. Rucker works closely with families to support students and ensure they have resources they need. Even if this means sending home extra food or snacks. She truly exemplifies the one team, one mission, together we make it possible philosophy. She works collaboratively on a daily basis with students, parents, staff and community members to work together to encourage and enrich the lives of all of our students. Ms. Rucker continues her reach to students outside into the community as well. Whether it be calling students and families to wish them a happy holiday or letting them know about the wonderful work their student is doing in class. Ms. Rucker further supports students by working in the afterschool program to teach them academic skills and life skills. Her current exploratory helps students to think about their futures and teach them skills that will help them be successful in life and the career or college path they would like to pursue in the future. I can't say enough how she truly embodies the philosophy of together we make it possible. She truly works collaboratively with all and builds lasting relationships that I know will last a lifetime. She continually encourages both students and adults to be the best they can be. When you are around her you can't help but give it your all! Ms. Rucker, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

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