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Georgia Pre-K Week: Thank You to All Our Pre-K Teachers & Staff

Join us in celebrating Georgia Pre-K Week, October 5th-9th. It is a weeklong celebration of Georgia’s Pre-K Program and other quality early education programs in Georgia. For the past 28 years, Georgia’s nationally-recognized Pre-K Program has provided quality early education to the state’s youngest learners. Pre-K programs are the building blocks to development for children, providing their initial exposure to school and setting the tone for their entire educational career. It is during this time children will learn to strengthen their social and emotional development, become effective problem solvers, and explore how to work together by interacting with their peers.

We want to take this time to say thank you to all the faculty and staff who work tirelessly and passionately to educate our youngest learners at the Baldwin County Early Learning Center and the Montessori Academy. Our Pre-K teachers and staff deserve all of our thanks and gratitude! They do so much to provide a quality early childhood education to the young children of this community. And with the challenging times that we as educators have faced in the past year due to the coronavirus pandemic, our Pre-K teachers and staff have gone above and beyond. During these times of distance learning, virtual classrooms, and reimagining early childhood care – our Pre-K teachers found imaginative and creative ways to make sure our youngest learners still received a quality education. We thank you for all that you do and continue to do for our little ones. You do a fantastic job in providing lifelong learning experiences to our young learners.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Georgia Pre-K week and in lieu of traditional in-person classroom visits, we are inviting you to record a video message and share it with us and/or on your own social media accounts. Be sure to tag Baldwin County School District in your posts.

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