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Georgia Resubmits Testing Waiver Request

Only three months from now, Georgia's schools will start closing out the 2020-21 school year. The close of the second semester also brings about federally required standardized testing. But the middle of a global pandemic is no time for high-stakes tests – especially high-stakes tests that must be administered in person. That's why on Thursday, Feb. 18th, Governor Brian Kemp and Georgia School Superintendent Richard Woods resubmitted Georgia's request for a waiver of standardized testing and accountability requirements to the U.S. Department of Education.

According to Mr. Woods via a news release, "Like other states, Georgia's testing and accountability systems were developed and designed to measure the effectiveness of traditional instruction in a traditional learning environment. This unprecedented school year has been anything but traditional, and experts know tests cannot be completely redesigned and revamped overnight."

Mr. Woods also points out in his statement that "giving high-stakes tests solely for the sake of data collection shows the continued disconnect between those desiring to establish a narrative about public education and the reality of the students, educators and families who are forced to endure the impact of these decisions."

To view a complete copy of the updated testing waiver, click the following link: Testing Waiver.

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