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Do Your Best on the Test - BHS Students

Testing Starts at 8:15 - Make sure you have had plenty of rest and a good breakfast.

Good Luck to all the students who are taking the EOC test!

Please follow the testing schedule

BHS EOC Testing Information

BHS EOC Testing Information Testing Begins at 8:15 am

Tues. May 10th:US History

Wed. May 11th:American Lit Pt. 1

Fri. May 13th : Algebra 1

Mon. May 16th: American Lit Pt. 2/3

Tues. May 17th: Biology

Please note Schedule Change Time for Classes

8:15 - 10:14 - 1st Block

10:20 - 11:45 - 2nd Block

11:51 - 1:44 - 3rd Block

1:50 - 3:15 - 4th Block

Tues. May 10th Regular Bell Schedule

Wed. May 11th - 4th block, 2nd block, 3rd block, 1st Block

Thurs. May 12th - Regular Bell Schedule

Fri. May 13th - 3rd block, 1st block, 2nd block, 4th block

Mon. May 16th - 4th block, 2nd block, 3rd block, 1st block

Tues. May 17th - 2nd block, 1st block, 3rd block, 4th block

Relocation Rooms during Testing

Mr. Atkinson's class meets in room 4101

Mr. Ford's class meets in room 6109

Ms. Patrick's class meets in room 5127

Mr. Rudd's class meets in room 5116

Ms. Thomas's class meets in room 4135

Ms. West's class meets in room 6126 Mr. Wilcox's class meets in room 906

DE English meets in WBL Lab

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