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Honoring Teachers at the Second Annual Golden Apple Awards

On May 2nd, 2023, Baldwin High School held its second annual Golden Apple Awards ceremony at the Fine Arts Center. This event provided graduating honors students the opportunity to recognize the teachers who had made the most profound impact on them by presenting them with a trophy and a heartfelt essay describing the impact the teachers had on their lives.

The teachers in attendance were unaware of who nominated them or why, adding to the excitement and emotion of the event. Academy Coach Shelton Brown and BHS Principal Jason Flanders created the Golden Apple Awards last year as a way to honor graduating seniors while also showing appreciation to the teachers who made a difference in their lives. According to Brown, "It's a way to give something back to their teachers and let them know the impact they've made."

The power of mentorship was evident as students presented their awards and shared their gratitude for their teachers. The Golden Apple Awards not only recognized the hard work and dedication of Baldwin County teachers, but also reminded everyone of the profound impact that educators can have on their students.

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