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Midway Hills Academy Teacher of the Year Kizzi Walker- A Role Model, Leader and Coach Extraordinaire

Midway Hills Academy takes pride in its commitment to excellence in education and athletics, and its 2023 Teacher of the Year, Coach Kizzi Walker embodies this commitment with remarkable dedication. Walker is not only a shining example of our district's high standards but also a beacon of service to the Baldwin community.

Walker serves as a fifth-grade math teacher at Midway Hills Academy, a Team One special instruction course. hen the announcement was made by Assistant Principal Dr. Jennifer Dunbar, Kizzi was genuinely taken aback. "She's very dramatic," Walker recalled, "and she makes everything so crazy around here. But then she called my name! I was like, 'me?'. I couldn't believe it." She has always focused on her work, staying dedicated to her students, and didn't expect to receive such a prestigious accolade. Nevertheless, her genuine commitment to her students and her school did not go unnoticed by her peers.

With seven years of dedicated service at Midway Hills Academy, Walker's experience both within and outside of the District are vast. She had previously taught in Sumter County Elementary in Americus, Georgia, for thirteen years, where she also earned the title of Teacher of the Year. "When I was in Sumpter County, I learned a whole lot," she said. "They were pioneers then, just like how Baldwin are pioneering things today." Her return to her home county of Baldwin has allowed her to continue building on those foundations of innovation that she received in Sumpter.

However, Walker's contributions extend far beyond the classroom. She is widely known as "Coach Walker" due to her impressive involvement in sports. She serves as the head basketball coach for the High School Bravettes Basketball team at Baldwin High School, a team she led to the State Championship last year. Walker is also the assistant coach for the Baldwin High School volleyball team.

Walker seamlessly blends her roles as an educator and a coach, recognizing that both involve teaching and mentoring young individuals. She carries the skills of effective teaching into her coaching, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, discipline, and personal growth on the basketball court. "From the court to the classroom, I like to bring the fun," she said, "you got to have some excitement and you can't be boring. They fall asleep when they're not engaged in learning. So that's what I try to bring; that fun part, that competitive drive to the classroom."

Walker's journey from student-athlete at Baldwin High School to teacher and coach at Midway Hills Academy reflects her deep connection to the community and her unwavering commitment to the betterment of young lives. She is a proud graduate of Georgia Southwestern State University, where she had a full scholarship for basketball.

"Oh, I was made to play basketball," she said, "I thought I was going to be a cheerleader, but the late great Terry Moore told me I needed to play basketball. So from then on, I've been playing and coaching basketball."

Her personal experiences have shaped her passion for education and her desire to guide students towards a brighter future. In addition to her professional accomplishments, Walker is the proud parent to her own children, including a star player on the basketball team and a talented young athlete. "I signed here at Baldwin as well so all of this stuff is just like full circle," Walker said, "I signed a scholarship. She signed a scholarship. Coach Bentley was there when I signed and he was there when she signed as well. So it's just all full circle and it makes my heart so happy!"

Kizzi Walker's story is one of fortitude, dedication, and a love for her community. As Teacher of the Year at Midway Hills Academy, she continues to inspire and uplift those around her, exemplifying the values of the Baldwin County School District and reinforcing the excellence that defines our educational institutions. We are honored to have Kizzi Walker as a cherished member of our school community, where her impact on students and athletes alike continues to shine brightly.

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