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Midway Hills Primary Teacher of the Year Chasity Hatcher - Inspiring Excellence in Education

Five years ago, Chasity Hatcher returned to her roots in Baldwin County with her family of three daughters. She brought with her a burning desire to make a difference in the lives of young learners. While initially nervous about the transition from pre-K to second grade, she soon discovered her love for the latter and has been teaching second grade ever since.

When asked about her selection as Teacher of the Year Hatcher joked, "All I thought about was, oh no, my hair's not done! But I was shocked... Being Teacher of the Year, you definitely want to be a model teacher."

Hatcher has served as a mentor teacher, always fostering an environment of support and mentorship for her peers. Hatcher believes in the power of positive energy, greeting each day with a smile and a friendly "good morning." Her radiance is infectious, drawing others toward her warmth and optimism. "I just always loved teaching," she said, describing how, when she was younger, her teachers would let her take home old workbooks and she would play teacher to her younger siblings, creating impromptu "summer schools" for them. Her passion for learning and the joy of sharing knowledge with others have been constants in her life.

In Baldwin County, Hatcher found her calling and her purpose. Her favorite part of teaching is building relationships with her students, witnessing their growth, and bonding with them throughout the year. Hatcher, who came up through the Baldwin County school system, has a genuine love for her hometown and her alma mater, Midway Hills Primary (formerly Blandy Hills Primary), adds an extra layer of meaning to her role as an educator.

Hatcher would go on to get her degree from Fort Valley State, where she would commute from Warner Robins. Upon moving back in 2017 with her two daughters to be with her family, and she would have her third daughter in 2022. She would also go on to achieve her Masters in Early Childhood Education at Georgia College and State University.

The education landscape has evolved significantly over the years, and Hatcher acknowledges the changes. "I can remember actually going to a computer lab and doing computer assignments," Hatcher said, "whereas now they have their own technology. So technology has definitely changed. Students now have more support." The availability of diverse resources and alternative learning styles has empowered educators to cater to a wider range of learning preferences.

Hatcher's advice to aspiring teachers is rooted in her own experiences: "Be open-minded," she said, "Know that you are going to teach students of all types of ethnicities and diversities and just be open-minded and willing to help those students achieve and keep a positive mindset." She emphasized the importance of lifelong learning, as education is an ever-evolving field.

In the heart of the Baldwin County School District, Chasity Hatcher's story exemplifies the spirit of excellence that permeates the halls of Midway Hills Primary. Her journey from a passionate educator to Teacher of the Year reflects not only her personal commitment but also the district's dedication to nurturing young minds and inspiring greatness in education. Chasity Hatcher is not just a teacher; she is a beacon of hope, a mentor, and an inspiration to all who walk alongside her on the path of knowledge.

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