• Felicia Cummings

National Principals Month Profile: Dr. Runee Sallad, Director of Georgia College Early College

Dr. Runee Sallad

Dr. Runee Sallad is in her 9th year serving as the Director of the Georgia College Early College program. She has worked in education for 28 years. Dr. Sallad became an administrator after teaching fourth grade language arts and social studies for four years. She served as assistant principal at Blandy Hills Elementary School (1997-1999) and Baldwin High School (1999-2008). She later served as principal of Blandy Hills Elementary School (2008-2010) and Johnson County Middle/High School (2010-2011).

Being the school leader of the Early College program gives Dr. Sallad the opportunity to work directly with students and their families while preparing them to be truly successful in life.