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National Principals Month Profile: Jason Flanders, Principal of Baldwin High School

Jason Flanders

Jason Flanders, Principal of Baldwin High School, has been working in education for 22 years. This is his third year serving proudly as the school leader of the high school. In Mr. Flanders opinion, the best thing about being principal of Baldwin High is the shared commitment among his faculty and staff to better the lives of all the students.

“I love our faculty and their desire to make a difference in the lives of our students. Our staff is supportive and eager to help us support our faculty in the pursuit of educating our students.”

As a high school principal, Mr. Flanders has the opportunity to witness students make the transition to adulthood as they diligently work their way to graduation. He says he enjoys watching his high school students grow, mature, and truly shine as well as getting the opportunity learn more about their interests.

“I really enjoy watching our students excel both inside the classroom and in their extracurricular activities. Those things are great, but the best part of being the principal is to interact with the students and spend time with them.”

He may not be a Baldwin County native, but Mr. Flanders has always enjoyed the atmosphere of Milledgeville and the overall comradery of the Baldwin County school community.

“I am not from Baldwin County, however, I got my Master’s degree and Specialist degree from Georgia College & State University. I always enjoyed Milledgeville when I was in school and several people that I have worked with spoke highly of the things going on in the school system as well as the students and faculty here.”

Mr. Flanders attended Mercer University after high school and earned a B.A. in Mathematics. He then pursued his Master and Specialist degree in Educational Leadership at GCSU.

Family is very important to him. He has been married for 23 years and he and his wife have a son named Clay, who is a Senior in high school. He plans to attend Augusta State next fall.

Mr. Flanders says he tries to lead by example, demonstrating that hard work can accomplish the goals set forth for Baldwin High School. The high school has made some significant strides towards success under his leadership. Baldwin High School was named a Georgia Department of Education Title I Reward School for the 2018 – 2019 school year; the school earned the highest CCRPI for any school in the Oconee RESA in 2019; the high school’s College and Career Academy has been certified by the Technical College System of Georgia and Baldwin High School has had the district STAR Student for 2 consecutive years.

When asked to describe the overall atmosphere of the high school in one word, Mr. Flanders chose cornucopia.

“I would say the atmosphere of our school can be summed up in the word cornucopia because we offer a variety of programs and activities as well as course options to find what will appeal most to our students. By doing this, in return, we create increased student engagement.”

Thank you Mr. Flanders for setting the bar high for our students and encouraging them to be the very best throughout high school and beyond graduation.

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