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Baldwin High School NJROTC Cadets Undergo Annual Area Manager's Inspection

In a display of precision and discipline, the NJROTC cadets recently underwent their annual Area Manager's Inspection, a meticulous evaluation overseen by retired U.S. Navy Captain Jerry Hupp. As the NJROTC Area 7 Manager, Captain Hupp presided over the inspection for more than 20 high schools spanning Georgia and South Carolina, with his base of operations in Charleston, South Carolina. The pass-in-review ceremony took center stage during this day-long assessment, offering a glimpse into the exemplary skills and dedication of the cadets. Principal Jason Flanders served as a guest speaker at the event, which was hosted by Chief Brian Finney.

"The efforts of our NJROTC cadets on this day showed how well they operate as a team while being together for only a short time, and I am so proud of every one of them," Finney said. "I am very blessed to be a witness to their discipline, growth and overall drive to be better versions of themselves on a daily basis."

The inspection kicked off with a thorough uniform examination of each cadet, setting the tone for the rigorous assessments that followed. The pass-in-review ceremony, a highlight of the day, showcased the NJROTC cadets' prowess in marching and military drill, reflecting their commitment to precision and teamwork.

As Captain Hupp scrutinized various facets of the program, the cadets demonstrated not only their proficiency in these critical areas but also their unwavering dedication to the values instilled by the NJROTC program. The annual inspection demonstrated the cadets' hard work and training and underscored the program's commitment to shaping disciplined, responsible, and capable young leaders.

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