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Oak Hill Middle Celebrates Black History Month

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Oak Hill Middle School recently held a dance show honoring Black History Month. The show, which featured performances from the school's fine arts department, was a collaborative effort that showcased the school's commitment to excellence in the arts.

According to the school's Dance Director Crystal Williams, collaboration was key to the success, "The fine arts department collaborates whenever possible," she said, "Last year, we did 'Black by Popular Demand' with every department having a few selections to present. The major difference from last year to this year is the caliber of students and the rigor in the curriculum."

Despite the challenges of scheduling rehearsal time, the show was a huge success. "I believe that the biggest challenge with a production like this is scheduling rehearsal time," said Williams, "The good news is that we took the show on the road for the very first time prior to performing it at our home school."

The dance show featured a variety of performances, including traditional African dances, modern hip-hop routines, and interpretive pieces that explored the experiences of African Americans throughout history. The show was a celebration of Black history and culture. Congratulations to the Oak Hill Middle students and teachers for another incredible show!

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