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Oak Hill Middle Student Veera Puri Heading to TEDx

In the heart of Oak Hill Middle School, Veera Puri, a seventh-grader, prepares to grace the TEDx stage. Her acceptance to speak on the theme of "Breaking Barriers" not only marks a milestone for her but positions her as a beacon of inspiration for her peers at Oak Hill.

Puri's journey to TEDx began through a unique connection with the Hindu temple in Augusta. Prompted by the temple's introduction, Puri recognized the rare opportunity and, with enthusiasm, submitted a video that secured her a spot on the TEDx platform.

Crafting her speech around the profound impact of friendship during the COVID-19 pandemic, Puri's narrative revolves around the theme of how those friendships faired through the global pandemic. Reflecting on her speech's inspiration, she said, "My friends have a really special place in my life, and COVID was something very impactful for all of us. Combining the two made for a really good idea."

Puri's upcoming TEDx Talk marks her first major foray into public speaking. Despite initial reservations, she has embraced the challenge with newfound interest. In addition to her academic pursuits, Puri is actively engaged in extracurricular activities like Taekwondo and writing. Her involvement in the district spelling bee and in Beta Club underscores her multifaceted talents, reflecting the diverse opportunities available within the Baldwin County School District.

Puri's father, Anil Puri, said, "Having been a graduate of Baldwin High School and now watching my child come back through the system, I have a lot of pride in our school system because I am a product of it, and I thought it served me very well. I'm just very excited about her coming through the system here as well." His advice on public speaking: "The more you do it, the better you get at it."

It's advice that Veera Puri has taken to heart, as she continues her academic and public speaking journey. Congratulations to the Puri family and to Oak Hill Middle School for this incredible achievement!

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