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Price Honored by Tuesday Night with a Proclamation by the Baldwin County Board of County Officials

Accolades continue coming Dr. Noris Price's way after her selection as Georgia's 2022 Superintendent of the Year. "The commissioners are honored that we have the opportunity to acknowledge your accomplishments in the State of Georgia and now potentially as the School Superintendent of the Year in the entire United States of America," Commission Chairman Henry Craig told Price during their public board meeting. Commissioner Craig read aloud the proclamation, which was presented to Dr. Price during a special ceremony shortly after the county commission meeting began. The commission chairman stated the following: Since becoming school superintendent in Baldwin County, Dr. Noris Price has been successful in bringing about improvements to the county school system. She also has helped secure millions of dollars for innovative programs within the local school system. During her tenure as a school superintendent in Baldwin County, Price, along with her administrative staff and principals, has worked relentlessly to improve graduation rates. The local graduation rate has improved to 85%. Dr. Price has also received additional recognition by being named as one of the four finalists for the 2022 National School Superintendent of the Year, an honor that is bestowed by the School Superintendents Association in recognition of those making positive differences in the lives of students they serve, and in addition to ensuring the wellness and safety of their school communities.

"And as I always say, public education is the only way that we are going to thrive as a community as far as supporting all of our children," Price said. "And as you know, we have a community that has a high poverty rate and the way out of poverty is through education."

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