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Retired Educators Organization Recognizes Teacher Appreciation Week

The Baldwin County Retired Educators Organization recognized our teachers by making a generous donation to each school. Dr. Gloria Wicker, a former member of the retired educators and current Chair of Baldwin County Board of Education, recounted how they decided to give checks to each school in the district. Overall, the story of the Baldwin County retired educators serves as a testament to the power of giving back and the impact of teachers on their students' lives. As Wicker put it, "We're proud of our teachers and proud of our district."

The organization faced an unprecedented challenge when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As a result, they had to disband, and some members passed away. However, the organization retained some money in their treasury, and decided to use it to create scholarships in memory of their deceased members at Georgia College and State University. Moreover, since they'd always made a point of doing something special for Teacher Appreciation Week, they decided to distribute the remaining funds among the schools in Baldwin County School District.

The Retired Educators of Baldwin County would like for all retired educators to join them for lunch. They can call Nancy Hodge at (478) 453-9277 or Dr. Gloria Wicker at (478) 457-6413.

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