Students across BCSD kick off summer with a Field Day!

Get ready... Get set...GO!

Schools across the Baldwin County School District are holding their Field Days this week.

Check for your school's schedule below and to see photos of Ms. Laura Burton's 3rd Grade class epic win of Midway Hills Academy's Tug-of-War Championship!

Midway Hills Primary:

May 18th: K- Field Day

May 19th: 1st- Field Day

May 20th: 2nd- Field Day

Midway Hills Academy:

May 16th -3rd grade Field Day (8:30-12:00)

May 17th - 4th grade Field Day (8:30-12:00)

May 18th - 5th grade Field Day (8:30-12:00)

May 19th - Field Day Make-up day if needed