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The LC Gordon Hallway Dedication at Baldwin High School Preserves a Legacy of BCSD History

Baldwin High School recently held a ceremony to unveil the LC Gordon Hallway, honoring Lessie Lee Gordon's remarkable 40-year legacy with the Baldwin County School District. The ceremony reflected the deep respect and admiration the school community held for Mr. LC.

Spearheaded by Baldwin High School Teacher Larry Stephens, he shared his excitement and involvement in the process of getting the hallway named after Mr. Gordon. "It was a very momentous occasion that the board was able to say, 'we're going to name the hall for him'," expressed Stephens. He highlighted the significance of the chosen corridor, the main thoroughfare from the media center to the cafeteria, symbolizing the heart of the school.

"His goal in life was to keep Baldwin High School clean," Stephens said, echoing the sentiments of LC's daughter, Lisa Gordon-Basley. The dedication not only preserves the memory of a dedicated custodian but also immortalizes the era of change and growth he witnessed during his nearly half-century tenure. "It feels awesome because his grandchildren, when they get here, they're gonna be like, 'Oh, okay. My granddad has a legacy,'" said Gordon-Basley. This sentiment echoes the importance of passing down a positive legacy to future generations, ensuring that LC Gordon's contributions are remembered and celebrated.

Despite the unanimous board vote, fundraising efforts were necessary to bring the vision to life since you cannot use tax payers’ funds. Gordon-Basley expressed gratitude to the Board for their support, emphasizing her father's teachings: "He always taught us to do the best job at whatever you do, no matter the role."

Stephens added, "I think that he was well loved by not only former students and teachers who've worked here for a long time but even the new teachers who got to know him really fell in love with Mr. LC." This sentiment underscores the far-reaching influence LC Gordon had on the Baldwin High School community, fostering a sense of respect and admiration that transcends generations.

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