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Thiele Kaolin Company Donates $3,500 to Create STEM Lab at Lakeview Academy

Dr. Holder recieiving the check from Dr. Basilio as they are flanked by students just outside the new STEM lab at Lakeview Academy

This morning, Dr. Holder welcomed Dr. Cesar Basilio, group leader with Thiele Kaolin Company, and received the very generous donation of $3,500 that he presented on his company's behalf to create a STEM lab at Lakeview Academy this spring.

The donation for the STEM lab project will include the purchase of necessary STEM related equipment like kits for chemistry and robotics projects, along with things like microscopes and the necessary safety equipment our students need to conduct their various science projects over the coming years.

We want to extend a very special thanks to our partners at Thiele Kaolin Company for their generosity and we're very much looking forward to showing everyone final product once the lab has been completed later this spring.

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