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LVA Student Braylon Wright Wins $1000 For Growing A Giant Cabbage

Braylon Wright and his giant cabbage

Last spring, then-3rd grader, Braylon Wright, was given a tiny cabbage seedling by his teacher, Mrs. Camellia Hurt. The seedling was provided by Bonnie Plants as part of its third-grade cabbage growing program. Each year Bonnie Plants sends more than 1 million cabbage plants to third-grade classrooms across the country, including Baldwin County’s own Lakeview Academy. Students take their seedlings home and nurture them for 8 to 10 weeks to see what they can produce. Braylon took this challenge seriously and carefully protected his cabbage plant against wind, weather, and critters. By the time the growing period was over, Braylon had a cabbage plant that was over 4 feet wide and over 20 pounds in weight. Braylon's teacher submitted his picture for competition and this past week, Braylon received news of his winning entry! Braylon has dreams of being a scientist and his $1000 prize is a significant start to his college fund. When interviewed by local TV station WGXA, Braylon declared, "I may want to go to NASA and visit the moon and probably Venus and the other planets and come back to Earth and I would like to say that I dedicate my education to my family, Amen." We are extremely proud of you, Braylon, and look forward to your future endeavors!

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