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December's Pursuit of Excellence Winners

Pursuit of Excellence Awards Winners for December 2018

Congratulations to the following employees who are the December 2018 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Mr. Ulysses Foston, Sr. Substitute Teacher Nominated by Anna Dunn, co-worker

Mr. Ulysses Foston, Sr. serves as a substitute teacher for the Baldwin County School District and works primarily at Midway Hills Academy. His co-worker, Ms. Anna Dunn had the following things to say about Mr. Foston, “Mr. Foston is knowledgeable and excited about education”. Ms. Dunn describes Mr. Foston as a person who is looking for more than just a paycheck. The Midway Hills Academy staff appreciates such a greatly engaged substitute. Substitute teachers play such a vital role in maintaining the high standards of education by ensuring the ongoing quality of classroom instruction in the absence of regular teachers. Mr. Foston is considered a valuable colleague to all. He has the unremarkable skill to adjust quickly to any situation that arises during the school day. He is super at navigating between what is inconsequential and what must be taken seriously. He can walk into the classroom with confidence and maintain confidence while making decisions, managing conflict, and addressing problems. Mr. Foston's punctuality is impeccable, often leading him to beat everyone to school! Many mornings Mr. Foston could've easily been at home drinking coffee and eating sausage biscuits all while listening to the birds in the morning from his porch. However, he chooses time and time again to listen to the children at MHA instead of the birds. He is as dependable as they come and always says yes to anything asked of him with an ongoing shortage of dependable substitute teachers, schools are always on the lookout for great substitute teachers exactly like Mr. Foston. MHA is proud to have such an awesome member of the team, thank you for your example of excellence!

Kathy Morgan receiving her recognition.