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Pajama Day at Lakeview Primary

We are excited to announce that our students have earned a Positive Behavior Reward! Our students have earned this reward by having overall great behavior and displaying hard work for the first semester of school. They displayed our 3 R’s of Success: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be a Role Model.

Their reward is PAJAMA DAY! All students will be allowed to wear pajamas to school on MONDAY, December 17.

Please remember the following for Pajama Day:

  • 1. Pajamas need to be 2 pieces. (Top & Bottom) No onesies.

  • 2. Girls can wear a gown of appropriate length but they MUST have leggings underneath.

  • 3. Make sure pajamas are appropriate for the weather.

  • 4. Students need to wear regular shoes.

  • 5. Bring a regular set of uniforms just in case.

We hope all of our students enjoy this special day for their hard work and great behavior.

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