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February's Pursuit of Excellence Winners

February's Pursuit of Excellence winners being recognized by the board.

Congratulations to the following employees who are the February 2019 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

Mr. Dudley receiving his award.

Mr. James Dudley Custodian at Midway Hills Primary School Nominated by Judith Blount, co-worker

Mr. Dudley was nominated for the Pursuit of Excellence by his co-worker, Ms. Blount who commends Mr. Dudley for his hard work and dedication to excellence. Mr. Dudley has worked as a member of the custodial department with Diversified Cleaning and then directly with the Baldwin County School District. He is described as always responding to requests and completing his work with a smile on his face. He is quoted by Ms. Blount as being “one of the most joy filled people” that she has ever met. Mr. Dudley, thank you for your example of excellence!

Ms. Jones receiving her award.

Ms. Damita Jones Teacher at Baldwin High School

Nominated by Felicia King, co-worker Ms. Jones has been employed with the Baldwin County School District since 2001. She is recognized by her co-worker, Ms. Felecia King who had the following to say about Ms. Jones.

Mrs. Jones is our PBIS guru at Baldwin High and she is constantly on the lookout for ways to promote positive behaviors at BHS. She understands that every kid that walks into BHS is an opportunity to build a better future for the community of Milledgeville, GA, her hometown. Her passion is helping young people realize their potential. She is like a computer with 100 tabs open all at once and she knows how to delegate and "get it done." She can get more accomplished in an hour than most people can manage in a day. If she cannot get it done, she knows who to call to get it done. She is always willing to listen to the ideas of others and she not only gives good advice, but she also seeks out the advice and the opinions of others. Ms. Jones, thank you for modelling excellence!

Ms. Jeanes receiving her pursuit of excellence award.

Ms. Jamie Jeanes Department Secretary for the Transportation Department Nominated by Pamela Mullins and Francis May, Co-workers Ms. Jamie Jeanes joined the Baldwin County staff in 2016 and has earned the name “wonder woman” by her co-workers and even some parents. Some of the words used to describe Ms. Jeanes are detail oriented and multi-tasker. She is commended for her ability to manage heavy telephone volume, dispatch while managing two-way radio communications, handle walk-in traffic and complete her work on the commuter all at the same time. She is described as the person seen at shows who juggles plates, bowling pins, balls and flame lit batons while standing on one leg! These many tasks are all accomplished during the first few hours of the day. In addition to the tasks described above, Jamie is also responsible for completing paperwork for the department, submitting timesheets to payroll, tracking bus inspection reports, assisting Mr. Tuft where needed. She is described as “the grease that keeps all of the wheels rolling” at the Transportation Department. Jamie Jeanes, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Ms. Thompson receiving her award.

Ms. Jessica Thompson Teacher at Baldwin High School Nominated by Amie Caruso, Co-workers

Ms. Jessica Thompson has been working with the Baldwin County School District since 2008. She was nominated by one of her co-workers, Ms. Amie Caruso. Ms. Caruso had the following to say about Ms. Thompson. Ms. Jessica Thompson is a devoted and effective teacher. She is willing to go beyond her regular teaching duties to ensure the needs of our students and school is met. Ms. Thompson is a creative and thoughtful teacher who not only teaches, but challenges her students to excel. Her recent end of course test scores prove the determination she instills in her students to perform at their best. Ms. Thompson published collections of her students' writing, and arranged for each student to receive a copy of their class's book. Her work with the BHS yearbook is invaluable. Ms. Thompson is also a certified AP teacher, and she shares her passion for English and Literature with her students. I have great respect for Ms. Thompson, and believe she is more than qualified for the pursuit of excellence award. Ms. Thompson, thank you for modeling excellence!

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