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Baldwin County School Nutrition Department Serves One Million Meals

The Baldwin County School Nutrition Department has reached a very impressive milestone earlier this month. The staff has prepared and served over one million meals since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the hardships brought on by the pandemic, the Baldwin County School Nutrition Department has been committed in their mission to provide healthy, nutritious meals to children and their families in the community.

“Our school nutrition employees, transportation and maintenance staff, and all of our volunteers have certainly gone above and beyond the call of duty during the COVID-19 pandemic. We commend these individuals for their efforts in overcoming the challenges brought on by the coronavirus pandemic to feed the children in our community,” said Superintendent Dr. Noris Price.

The school nutrition department has provided numerous opportunities for area children to receive free meals throughout the pandemic.

“Although many students have been home doing virtual learning, Baldwin schools have still been serving meals to those students as well as those in school. Also, the USDA has allowed schools to offer meals 7 days a week, and Baldwin County has taken full advantage of that offer,” said Susan Nelson, BCSD School Nutrition Director.

Mrs. Nelson stresses that it was highly important for the school nutrition department to provide assistance not just for Baldwin students but for the entire community, for the pandemic is affecting everyone.

“We have so many in our community that have lost their jobs or have experienced a reduction in their work hours. The community is hurting as evidenced by the number of meals served this summer. We usually serve around 47K in June and July; this past summer we served over 180K. Families stated we helped fill a huge gap this year in supplying meals for their children.”

This milestone is merely the beginning. The Baldwin County School Nutrition Department will continue in its efforts to provide nutritious, healthy meals to Baldwin communities.

“We will continue to offer meals 7 days a week through the end of June, as allowed by the USDA waiver this school year. We are not quite sure what this summer or next year will look like, but for now we are happy to help!”

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