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Baldwin High School Holds Annual Career Fair and College Probe

Baldwin High School held its 2nd annual Career Fair and College Probe on Friday. Over 980 students attended the event. The fair was hosted by Work-Based Learning Coordinator Dr. Damita Jones and The CTAE, Mrs. Natalie Stowe. The event was a major success, drawing over 47 colleges and 15 companies to participate.

Companies like Georgia Power, Georgia War Veteran, Jasper Health Service, Home, and ATrium Health Navicent Emergency Medical Services were among the many organizations present to showcase their workplace cultures and opportunities. The companies offered students a glimpse into the various careers they could pursue.

Dr. Jones stated that the students had an amazing time exploring the different careers offered by the companies and appreciated the hands-on experience. The college probe was also a hit among students, who got to ask questions and explore more about the colleges in a more intimate setting.

Over 47 colleges participated in the fair, including the University of Alabama, Georgia Southern, and Fisk University. Dr. Jones encouraged other high schools to take advantage of the opportunity to participate in such a wonderful event.

This year's Career Fair and College Probe was a massive success, and the Baldwin High School team intends to continue the event in the coming years.

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