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BCSD March's Pursuit of Excellence Winners


Congratulations to the following employees who are the March 2021 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District.

The Baldwin County School District Pursuit of Excellence Award, an employee recognition program, is presented monthly to employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. A maximum of four employees are chosen monthly and recognized during the regular Baldwin County Board of Education Meeting. Any Baldwin County School District employee is eligible for nomination, so long as they have not previously received the award. Team or groups are not eligible for recognition. Nominations may be made by any BCSD employee, student, parent, or community member. Nominations are due by the third Tuesday of each month (employees will be recognized the following month). Nomination forms are available online or at the BCSD office.

Mr. Fields has over 6 years of experience working with students of diverse backgrounds. He rejoined the Baldwin County School District team in August 2020 and has wasted no time stepping up to meet the needs of the students at Baldwin High School. He was nominated by Ms. Pamela Tindal, Special Education Lead Teacher at BHS. Ms. Tindal had the following to say about Mr. Fields: "Mr. Fields works with students in our Program for Exceptional Children. He is always there for our students. He is patient, kind, and caring. He needs no prompting to make sure the needs of his students are met daily. Just by watching him interact with his students, you can see his care and compassion for them. He recently returned to us and jumped right back in doing his part to help our students have a great educational experience. We are in a situation of being short-handed. but as long as he is here you would never know it from the outside looking in."

Mr. Fields, you are a shining example of excellence!

Mrs. Dunn began her career with the Baldwin County School District in 1996. Over the past twenty-five years, Mrs. Dunn has not only served as a classroom teacher, but she also coaches for the district athletic program. Mrs. Dunn was nominated by Mrs. Stephanie Wright, parent. Mrs. Wright had the following to say about Mrs. Dunn: “I wanted to commend and recognize Charlene Dunn. Charlene has a wonderful spirit and gets the kids in the mindset for learning. Upon driving through the car rider line, I can always count on her to be bouncing, dancing, and singing to the music even in the frigid weather! Did I mention she manages to stay on beat while taking the child's temperature? I'm excited and ready to start my day just feeling her vibe! As a child, I can only imagine how they feel to see their teacher excited about seeing them and having a fun productive day! Charlene is definitely a true example of changing lives one child at a time."

Mrs. Dunn, thank you for your example of excellence!

Ms. Blizzard received two separate nominations from two different colleagues. The first nomination was received from Ms. Catheryn Meighan. Ms. Meighan had the following to say about Ms. Blizzard:

“Miss Blizzard has been a dedicated Baldwin County teacher for more than 25 years. She has been a second grade team leader for many of those years and works tirelessly to help provide our team with what we need to do the best job we can educating second graders. She is always willing to listen to our concerns and try to find the best solutions to them. Miss Blizzard is a beloved teacher. Her students from over the years still remember Miss Blizzard and the wonderful times they have had in her class. I know this because one of those is my own son, and he will still tell you that Miss Blizzard is his all-time favorite teacher. Not only has Miss Blizzard taught her students, but she has also nurtured and taught so many young teachers by her mentoring and leading by example. Kristi Blizzard is a great asset to our team, our school, and our district."

The second nomination was submitted by another colleague of Ms. Blizzard, Ginny Gray. Ms. Gray had the following to say about Ms. Blizzard:

“I taught with Kristi for several years and she is a model teacher. She is a team leader for her grade level and takes this job seriously. She is organized and keeps everyone on track to meet all expected deadlines. She thinks ahead and leads her team to strive for excellence. Kristi enjoys making teaching fun by bringing in extra things for her class to enjoy. For example, to complete a unit on matter, her class made Coke Floats to show the three different states of matter. YUM! Kristi is deserving this award for being a model teacher to her co-workers and students."

Ms. Blizzard, thank you for being a model of excellence!

Ms. Shyvonna Jones has been working with the Baldwin County School District since 2007. She accepted her position as cafeteria manager in 2015 and continues to make a positive impression throughout the district. She was nominated by Dr. Shawne Holder, Principal of Lakeview Academy for her dedication and hard work filling in as the cafeteria manager at Lakeview Academy. Dr. Holder had the following to say about Shyvonna: “Shyvonna has not only managed the cafeteria at Oak Hill Middle School for the past several weeks but has also served at Lakeview Academy as interim Cafeteria Manager. She has rolled up her sleeves and modeled what true leaders do. She has served on the line greeting children as they picked up their lunch, worked side by side in the kitchen with the staff all while managing the other operations of the cafeteria. Shyvonna is a team player who deserves recognition”.

Shyvonna Jones thank you for modeling excellence!

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