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BOE Employee of the Week - Edwin Hopkins

This week's BOE Employee of the Week recognition profile features Edwin Hopkins. Mr. Hopkins is a Technology Specialist for our school district. He has been with the Baldwin County School District for 2 years.

Mr. Hopkins enjoys strong coffee, long walks in nature, and cooking a good meal when he has the time and energy to do so. He also takes pleasure in watching a good movie when he's at home. His favorite movie to watch is Jurrasic Park.

Originally from Conyers, Ga., Mr. Hopkins has an older brother and sister who are a set of twins. He also has one "amazing son" who attends Lakeview Primary.

His role as a Technology Specialist comes naturally to him, due to a lifelong love for technology.

"I can be pretty passive, but I have worked with technology since I was just a little kid. Although in my younger years, I was likely paying video games to be honest, but I never stopped asking "how does this work?" But I know technology has changed night to day from the past 20 years, and continues to change almost everyday, so I try and be there for my team and all of the Baldwin County School District."

Thank you Mr. Hopkins for all that you do for our school district!

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