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Congratulations to the April Pursuit of Excellence Recipients

Updated: Apr 20

Congratulations to the April 2022 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District. Beverly Williams, Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Primary; Pamela Brookins, 4th Grade Teacher at Lakeview Academy; Shantanique Pompee, Administrative Assistant at Midway Hills Academy; and Shyvonna Jones, School Nutrition Manager at Oak Hill Middle School.

Beverly Williams

Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Primary

Ms. Williams has worked for the district for more than 20 years and currently works as a Paraprofessional. Ms. Williams was nominated by Terri Carty, Assistant Principal at Midway Hills Primary. Ms. Carty had the following to say: “When I first met Ms. Williams, she was a kindergarten paraprofessional. Two years ago, she asked if she could manage in-school suspension (ISS). What a tough position to ask for! Ms. Williams not only does ISS, but she also does, morning duty, afternoon duty, lunch duty, pulling small groups of students from first-grade classrooms, and anything else that is asked of her. Ms. Williams works to build relationships with the students. She is firm, loving, and supportive. If a student is angry, she lets them know they can have their time to be angry, but they talk about what made them angry and how they can change their choices the next time. Then, she makes sure they complete their work. Many times, she has students working independently while she is teaching a small group new sight words. No matter what hat she has on at that moment, there is always one common denominator: relationships. I don't even think she realizes the impact she has on the students she works with. She is humble and doesn't realize how much her colleagues appreciate her willingness to work with their students. This is a tough position, no matter the age. Ms. Williams makes it look like a piece of cake. Thank you Ms. Williams for all you do to support our students and staff at Midway Hills Academy, you are a MODEL of excellence and we just love you!”