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Congratulations to the April Pursuit of Excellence Recipients

Updated: Apr 20

Congratulations to the April 2022 recipients of the Pursuit of Excellence Award for the Baldwin County School District. Beverly Williams, Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Primary; Pamela Brookins, 4th Grade Teacher at Lakeview Academy; Shantanique Pompee, Administrative Assistant at Midway Hills Academy; and Shyvonna Jones, School Nutrition Manager at Oak Hill Middle School.

Beverly Williams

Paraprofessional at Midway Hills Primary

Ms. Williams has worked for the district for more than 20 years and currently works as a Paraprofessional. Ms. Williams was nominated by Terri Carty, Assistant Principal at Midway Hills Primary. Ms. Carty had the following to say: “When I first met Ms. Williams, she was a kindergarten paraprofessional. Two years ago, she asked if she could manage in-school suspension (ISS). What a tough position to ask for! Ms. Williams not only does ISS, but she also does, morning duty, afternoon duty, lunch duty, pulling small groups of students from first-grade classrooms, and anything else that is asked of her. Ms. Williams works to build relationships with the students. She is firm, loving, and supportive. If a student is angry, she lets them know they can have their time to be angry, but they talk about what made them angry and how they can change their choices the next time. Then, she makes sure they complete their work. Many times, she has students working independently while she is teaching a small group new sight words. No matter what hat she has on at that moment, there is always one common denominator: relationships. I don't even think she realizes the impact she has on the students she works with. She is humble and doesn't realize how much her colleagues appreciate her willingness to work with their students. This is a tough position, no matter the age. Ms. Williams makes it look like a piece of cake. Thank you Ms. Williams for all you do to support our students and staff at Midway Hills Academy, you are a MODEL of excellence and we just love you!”

Ms. Williams, thank you for being a shining example of excellence!

Pamela Brookins

4th Grade Teacher at Lakeview Academy

Ms. Brookins has worked for the Baldwin County School District for more than 29 years. Ms. Brookins currently works as a 4th-grade teacher. She was nominated by her colleague, Charlene Dunn. Ms. Dunn had the following to say: “It isn't equipment that wins the battles; it is the quality and the determination of the people fighting for a cause in which they believe.” - Author: Gene Kranz “

I would like to nominate a teacher that has a passion for people, students, and our community. In the classroom, her motto has always been: Love them first!” She has a competitive spirit that has motivated her to lead our schools, from Creekside to Lakeview Academy, to be the top schools to raise money that goes to a good cause. That cause is cancer research. For more than nine years Pam Brookins and her team have taken on this task. Since COVID19 has affected our world, Ms. Brookins and her team have continued to raise money for such an important cause. Ms. Brookins has to attend team captain meetings, organize her fundraisers, and put a plan into action. Her organization and leadership qualities have helped her to be very successful along with her team members, our administration, and of course the many families of the students that attend and have attended our school. To her we would like to say, Thank You, Mrs. Brookins, and keep up the good work. You deserve more praise than we can express.

Ms. Brookins, thank you for modeling excellence!

Shantanique Pompee

Administrative Assistant at Midway Hills Academy

Ms. Pompee is working in her 3rd year with the Baldwin County School District. She currently works as an administrative assistant at Midway Hills Academy. Ms. Pompee was nominated by her principal, Dr. Eric Carlyle.

Dr. Carlyle had the following to say: “I am nominating Ms. Pompee for the Pursuit of Excellence Award due to her tireless effort to provide top-notch customer service to all stakeholders who enter the doors of Midway Hills Academy. Her calm demeanor appears to help guests feel welcomed, and students feel safe. She has a great rapport with the staff, and they all know that she is a great resource. She has worked closely with Ms. Lola, warehouse manager, to ensure we remain well-stocked with PPE. She can multitask in the front office with attendance, late arrivals, phone calls, late staff arrivals, my calendar, and all other unscheduled events seamlessly. These are just a few of the reasons why I am nominating Ms. Shantanique Pompee for the Pursuit of Excellence Award.”

Ms. Pompee was also nominated by her Assistant Principal, Hope Pope. Ms. Pope had the following to say: “Ms. Pompee is one of the most dedicated persons to MHA that I know. She has only missed 1 day in the 3 years that she has worked with us. She has an infectious personality and could very well be a comedian in her next career. She keeps everyone smiling and laughing. She greets all students, parents, and visitors with the utmost respect and welcoming nature. She is willing to take care of any needs we have here at the school. The teachers know that they can go to her with any question, and she will find the answer. She is the Go-To person for all needs in the office and throughout the school. Ms. Pompee is a very hard worker and deserves to be recognized for her efforts.

Ms. Pompee, thank you for being a model of excellence!

Shyvonna Jones

School Nutrition Manager at Oak Hill Middle School

Ms. Jones has worked for the Baldwin County School District for over 7 years. She currently works as a School Nutrition Manager at Oak Hill Middle School. Ms. Jones was nominated by her colleague, Serena Merriweather.

Ms. Merriweather had the following to say: “I nominate Ms. Shyvonna Jones. She is the Manager at Oak Middle School Cafeteria. A model of a true leader. She's always just a phone call away if needed. She goes above and beyond her call of duty. She has trained some of the most challenging staff members. Now, some have been enrolled in management training positions. She works throughout the kitchen assisting wherever is needed making sure the students of Oak Hill Middle School get a nutritional meal in a timely fashion. One thing about Ms. Jones, you will always be greeted with a smile. Even working short staff sometimes and under pressure, she will continue to smile. She is truly a one of a kind and I'm very proud to work under her supervision

Ms. Jones, thank you for being the epitome of excellence!

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