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Distinguished Alumni: Kisha Lucette, Class of '02

Kisha Lucette is a true Brave through and through. After graduating from Baldwin High School in 2002, she went on to make a name for herself as an outstanding athlete, coach, and teacher.

Lucette's athletic prowess is legendary. Her high school senior year was one for the record books, as she led her teams to state in three different sports. "Playing three sports was definitely time consuming," Lucette said, "but I couldn't really see myself just going to and from school. Having those extracurricular activities after school was really rewarding."

Lucette's ambition was rewarding indeed. She went on to attend Paine College, where she excelled both on the volleyball court and basketball court. In fact, she is, to this day, the only female athlete to have both her volleyball and basketball jerseys retired at Paine College. "Within a few months after graduating, I was actually offered the opportunity to come back and coach," Lucette said, "there's so many things that you don't really see from a student athlete standpoint that you see as a coach. There are so many times when I hear myself saying the same things that my high school and college coaches said to me!"

"There are so many times when I hear myself saying the same things that my high school and college coaches said to me!"

After graduating from college, Lucette returned to her alma mater as the head volleyball coach, assistant women's basketball coach, and senior women's administrator, and was promoted to head women’s basketball coach in 2022. “Through sport, you learn to play with different groups of people from different diverse backgrounds…It’s not always about the sport. You’re learning to work with people at the workplace. You’re learning to adapt and cope with things without wanting to quit first. You’re learning to find ways of making it work; finding solutions.”

Lucette has also made a positive impact on the community as a 7th-grade social studies teacher. Her dedication to her students and passion for education are a testament to her strength of development in Baldwin High School academics and athletics. "You have to be a student of the game," Lucette said, "not just the playing of it, but you have to watch it, pay attention to stats, learn the stat sheets, put in the extra work when nobody's looking. Those things make a huge difference."

Kisha Lucette is a true Bravette, and her legacy serves as an inspiration to current and future Baldwin High School students. Her unwavering dedication to excellence on and off the court is a reminder of the kind of courage and determination that defines the Bravette spirit.

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